About Candel

The cancer treatment paradigm has shifted dramatically, providing evidence that the immune system can be educated to recognize and eliminate the patient’s tumor cells. The mechanism of action of viral immunotherapies is unique in combining both an anti-tumor component and an immune-stimulatory component. Together, this leads to an “in-situ vaccination” effect against the injected tumor and uninjected metastases.

At Candel Therapeutics, we are developing viral immunotherapies that are designed to cause in situ vaccination against the unique antigens and neoantigens presented when tumor cells lyse and stimulate activation of both innate and adaptive immune mechanisms. The patient and tumor-specific memory response has been shown to produce a systemic and sustained anti-cancer effect based on a highly individualized T cell response against the injected tumor and uninjected metastases, and has the potential to change disease outcomes across a variety of indications.

Candel’s investigational viral immunotherapies are designed to improve survival while maintaining quality of life in patients with early- to late-stage disease.


to save, extend and improve the lives of patients through viral immunotherapies.


to harness the power of our proprietary virus-based approaches and elicit a broad, potent immune response against solid tumors and their metastases.


Candel’s leadership is made up of renowned drug developers, viral immunotherapy experts, oncologists, immunologists and biotech business leaders. Candel is built on science, and our experienced team is helping translate its full promise to patients.



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